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By analysing sale prices, PriceMe can identify agents who are better at marketing and prepping a home for sale. This can result in a 5-20% higher selling price for you.

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When a home sits on the market for too long it loses appeal and can cost you money. We identify agents who sell faster based on the average days on market of the properties they list. This saves you time and money.

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We screen agents based on their reputation. With the best agent by your side you will have your vacancy filled with a reliable tenant quickly.

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We find agents who specialize in your target area. Whether it's knowing rental trends, local schools, or listings before they hit the market, these agents have the local knowledge to get the type of tenants you want.


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Happy Real Estate Customer

"PriceMe introduced me to an agent who sold my house in 12 days flat. What else can I say?"

Vusi M.

Happy Customer Matched To Perfect Real Estate Agent

"My agent knew exactly what he was doing. Now I won't recommend anyone else. Many thanks!"

Lesley L.

Happy Home Seller Customer

"My husband and I found our dream home. Our agent was highly experienced in the local market."

Rachana N.

Success Story

"Thank you for matching us with the right real estate agent. She was friendly, professional, and listened. She sold other houses on the same street. She knew people who lived there. She knew the history of the area – that’s what we were missing before."

Sarah-Lee S. JHB

What Agents Are Saying About PriceMe

"I love working with PriceMe sellers. They tend to be extremely well informed, much more than the average person. I can tell that they have done a lot of research and they have great questions which I am happy to answer. I enjoy teaming up with them and bringing my knowledge into the process. We always have great success."

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Evelyn M.

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