What is PriceMe?

PriceMe is a technology company that specialises in agent and property analytics. We have a team of actuaries and data scientists in South Africa and offer the following FREE services:

  •   Monitoring the historic performance of property agents
  •   Rating and recommending the best agent for your area
  •   Instant online property valuations
  •   Access to repo property auctions across South Africa
  •   Investment notes highlighting property opportunities
If these service are FREE how does PriceMe make money?

We use two strategies to generate revenue. Firstly, we run an investment fund arm that buys properties that we believe are undervalued based on the results from our valuation engine. These could either be from a repo auction or through standard channels. We have a fairly short investment horizon and typically offlay the properties bought within 2-8 months.

Secondly we have agreements in place with many of the property agents in the country. They pay us a fee in exchange for any of the leads we generate. This further strengthens our relationship with them and aligns our interest thus ensuring that you the home seller gets the best service possible.

Why choose PriceMe over a traditional agent?

The traditional way of choosing a property agent is to ask your friend Susan who she used. But here’s the problem with that, Susan stays in a completely different area to you and more importantly she sold her home almost 5 years ago. Having said that there is also no guarantee that she spoke to the best person at the time.

At PriceMe we believe that better information brings better choices. We connect with most of the agents across South Africa and rate them on their actual recent performance. This way when we recommend Gary at Remax say, you can trust that he is knowledgeable about properties in your specific area. As well as understanding what the best possible price is given your time frame.

Should I use a property agent at all?

Agents are still responsible for the majority of property sales in South Africa, some 80%. We still recommend this as the best approach. However, we also understand that not all agents are equal and that working for Remax or Seeff for example doesn’t mean that you will offer the best service or achieve the best price. Because PriceMe monitors both the industry and agents, it is by design well placed to make the recommendation as to which agent to use.